Responsive Website Design is an SEO Trend of 2016

Responsive website design has many significant advantages. Responsive websites are mobile friendly. So, they can adapt to all screen sizes and are perfectly displayed in browsers on all major mobile devices. This means that if you take advantage of responsive design, your website will receive both desktop and mobile traffic. Due to the fact that the global mobile traffic is increasing annually, responsive design has become the necessity for any website.

In addition, responsive design delivers numerous SEO benefits and plays a very important important role in search engine optimization strategy of a website. That’s why Google constantly recommends website owners to make their online resources responsive. So, responsive website design has already become a SEO trend of 2016.

Why is responsive website design so important for search engine optimization strategy? Let’s try to find the answer to this question. In fact, there are two ways of making a website mobile friendly. You can either create “only” a mobile version of a website or choose responsive website design. There is no doubt that responsive website design is a much better options in terms of search engine optimization. If you have a mobile version of a website you will have to promote two separate sites. This means that you will have to manage two SEO campaigns. However, if you have a responsive website you will have to promote only one site. So, if you choose responsive website design, you will manage to decrease your search engine promotion costs significantly.

Responsive website design has many other SEO benefits as well. Obviously, responsive websites provide users with a better experience. Your web page load speed will increase significantly if you make your site responsive. As it has already been said, a responsive website has only one URL. So, it would be much easier for search engines to index web pages of a responsive website. Moreover, you will manage to avoid duplicate content problems. Responsive websites are much more comfortable for users. That’s why they have higher conversion rate. So, if you make your website responsive, its traffic will be effectively converted into orders and sales more effectively. As a result, your business will increase its profits significantly.