Top SEO Trends for 2016

A lot of important changes in the SEO industry have taken place this year. Some search engines have already updated their algorithms, so old SEO strategy may be not effective for your site anymore. What should SEO experts expect from the search engine optimization industry in the next year? Let’s try to find the answer to this important question. Here are top SEO trends for 2016 since it may be the right time for you to think about changing your SEO strategy.

Mobile Optimization of a Website Will be More Important the Next Year
A lot of people prefer to use mobile devices to buy products and services online. That’s why mobile traffic is constantly growing these days. So, it is very important to optimize websites for mobile devices today. This means that if your site is not mobile friendly your online business will definitely lose a high amount of targeted traffic, prospects, orders and sales.

The global mobile traffic is expected to increase in the nearest future. Obviously, it makes sense for you to take advantage of responsive website design so your website will be perfectly displayed on all major mobile devices. Mobile optimization may become even more important than desktop optimization the next year.

Video Content Will Provide More Effective Results the Next Year
Most website owners are focused on providing written content on their online resources today. However, it is a good idea to add images and videos to content as well. Images and videos will make your content more interesting and engaging for users. They will help you draw attention of users to your content.

Video content has many important SEO advantages as well. If your website content includes videos then users will definitely spend more time on your site’s web pages. Videos can be optimized for the necessary keywords successfully. It is expected that videos will be more important for search engine optimization the next year. That’s why video content is considered to be one of top SEO trends for 2016. So, the more video content your site has – the better!

Social Media Content Will Get More Search Engine Traffic the Next Year
Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus play a key role in search engine optimization strategy today. So, users can see tweets in mobile search results now. However, social media content may become even more important for your search engine optimization strategy in 2016. This means that SEO experts and online marketers have to focus on social media content the next year. Social media content will be indexed faster by search engines and will drive more traffic to your site in 2016.

Google Will Continue to Punish Websites for Non-original Content
Does your website have duplicate content or copied content? You need to update it with original text as soon as possible. Otherwise, search engines will penalize your site for duplicate content. This means that if you want to get your site on top in Google and other popular search engines for the necessary keyword phrases, you need to provide only unique content on its web pages.

Local Search Will Continue to Be a SEO Trend in 2016
Obviously, local search has been an SEO trend in 2015. That’s why a lot of online marketers and business owners are focused on local SEO at the moment. As it is expected, the situation will not change in the nearest future. So, most likely that local search will remain to be a SEO trend for 2016. Today, a great number of people prefer to take advantage of voice search. Moreover, this number increases annually. Voice search is a very convenient option that provides searchers with fast results. So, we can predict that local and voice searches will improve the next year.